SOSS in Wood

SOSS Invisible Hinges were originally invented for use in doors. Currently they are used in some of the most visibly prestigious locations in the world, where increased security is complemented by discreet aesthetic appearance.
SOSS Invisible Hinges are easily installed in wood and are supplied complete with appropriate screws and installation template.

SOSS in Metal Fabrications

  • Ideal for metal enclosures housing electrical or electronic equipment for street lighting, cable TV, superhighway, mobile communications, CCTV and data network equipment and more recently Internet Kiosks.
  • Fixing of SOSS Type 204SSL, our bestselling hinge in this range, is fast and accurate with SOSS Ingress Protection Supports. These special supports aid outdoor and indoor cabinets respectively to achieve IP65 and IP55 ratings against ingress of dust, dirt and moisture.
  • Used in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) cabinets, SOSS facilitates an uninterrupted seal around the door thereby contributing significantly in reduction of RF Emissions.
  • Specially designed to withstand harsh conditions encountered in road and trackside locations, each hinge consists of two die-cast bodies made from zinc plated Mazak alloy, incorporating stainless steel links and pins.
  • Hinges open a full 180 degrees allowing Engineers unrestricted access to equipment housed within enclosures.
  • When cabinet doors are closed, SOSS Hinges are completely invisible helping to protect the cabinet against vandalism.

Spring Loaded Closers

Our standard Spring Loaded Closer Hinge provides a totally concealed method of automatically closing hinged wooded or metal doors.

As you would expect from a SOSS Hinge, the SOSS Spring Loaded Closer is completely invisible when the door is closed and is therefore aesthetically more acceptable than unsightly overhead ironmongery.

SOSS Closer Hinges are designed for use in conjunction with Standard SOSS 218 Invisible Hinges, the Closer being positioned at one half the distance from the centre of the door to the centre of the top hinge.

The SOSS Spring loaded Closer Hinge, as part of a door set, satisfactorily passed a ½ hour Fire Test carried out by Warrington Fire Research in accordance with BS476 : Part 22 : 1987, Section 6.

SOSS in Plastic Mouldings
SOSS Invisible Hinges are particularly suited to low volume applications where injection moulding is cost prohibitive. Characteristically invisible when the door is closed, SOSS provides a modern, clean, butt free finish.

Designers seeking a compact, 180 degree opening hinge find the unique visual engineered appearance of SOSS, in its open position, gives the right message about the overall quality standard of their products.

SOSS in Sports Hall Safety

Unquestionably, SOSS Invisible Hinges distinguish themselves in sports halls. Unlike conventional hinges, there are no protrusions on which to catch your body. Likewise on the squash courts SOSS provides flush, smooth surfaces to the players

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