Can Tooling

NV TOOLS have been involved in the manufacture of 2 piece can tooling since the beginning of the industry in the early 1970’s. We have year upon year built a reputation for quality and reliability through the supply of tooling to all major can makers. Today we export to more than 20 countries worldwide.

In recent years our investment program has enabled us to build an ever increasing number of partnerships with can makers and has transformed the Can Tooling Division in to a significant element within N.V. Tools.

With our commitment to quality and the development of new technology we will continue to provide the tools for success.

Tooling Manufactured for

  • Bodymakers
  • Cupping Presses
  • Spin and Die Neckers
  • Beaders

State of the Art Material

  • Tool steels
  • Carbides
  • Ceramics
  • Cermets
  • Coatings

Design & Technical Backup

We work with customers to help improve their designs, which incorporate CAD, enabling us to improve customer efficiency through the development of their tooling design to meet individual needs. With the experience that our team has, we are able to offer improvement suggestions to their designs for each situation. We have, for example, improved the design of new base profiles for major can makers thus enabling them to meet customer requirements and realise substantial cost savings.

Quality & Inspection

We don’t believe that quality inspection begins only when the goods are ready for dispatch. At N.V. Tools the quality process starts from the very moment raw materials are received. Our Customers expect the very best and we demand nothing less from our suppliers. All machines are operated by highly trained personnel, each one responsible for checking their own work before it goes to our state of the art equipped Inspection Department.

SOSS Invisible Hinges Technical Info

The SOSS range comprises of hinges from light duty, non-load bearing through to heavy-duty door hinges, so whatever your requirements, you will almost certainly find a SOSS hinge to match. SOSS’s finely engineered link construction reduces friction and makes for light, easy hinge and door opening.

All SOSS hinges are fully reversible. They are made from either high quality steel or heavy duty zinc alloy castings for all round strength and endurance. Once installed, the hinge is firmly anchored in a mortice which relieves the screws of much of the strain of supporting the door.

Fire related

SOSS type 218F, included as part of a door set, has satisfactorily passed a ½ hour Fire Test carried out by Warrington Fire Research in accordance with BS476 : Part 22: 1987, Section 6.

SOSS type 218SS in solid 316 Stainless Steel, included as part of a door set, has satisfactorily passed a 1 hour Fire Test carried out by Chiltern International Fire in accordance with BS476 : Part 22: 1987,

ISO 9001 – 2015

Quality Management ensures standards are maintained and deliveries are punctual.

For all enquiries please call us on 01277 214455